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    Chicago is an amazing city with a rich and renowned architectural history. It has some of the tallest and most famous skyscrapers in the world such as the Willis Tower (previously the world’s tallest building), the iconic John Hancock Center and more recently the magnificent Trump Tower.

    When you first arrive in Chicago whether you arrive through a taxi or getting off the subway it’s easy to be awed by the gigantic structures in the sky amongst the vibrancy of the city surroundings. For this reason it’s hard to gather a sense of scale as to how big the city actually is, that is until you see it from a distance. So without further ado here are 5 places within the city to take in the Chicago skyline and get a photograph to capture memories of the city
    • ADLER PLANETARIUM NANCY A. PETROVICH SKY TERRACE The Adler planetarium has one of the best views of the Chicago skyline. Anywhere around the planetarium you can get fantastic views of Chicago and get all Chicago’s famous skyscrapers in one photo. We recommend going to the Nancy A. Petrovich sky terrace which is just outside Café Galileo on the left side of the Upper Level. It has binoculars on the terrace and rails to keep your camera steady if needed.
    • MONTROSE HARBOR Montrose Harbor is the furthest of the 5 spots from central Chicago and is north of the Chicago CBD. It’s beyond walking distance so we recommend either a bus or hiring a bike and biking up Lake Shore Drive on the beautiful Lakefront trail. Being further away however gives you a spectacular wide view of Chicago and is thus a popular spot for professional photographers.
    • JANE ADDAMS MEMORIAL PARK AND MILTON OLIVE PARK Jane Addams Memorial Park is just next to Navy Pier and although you don’t get the full Chicago Skyline you can get some amazing photos of the John Hancock Center with Lake Michigan in the foreground. If you walk round the park and beach on the right you can go through the gates of Pfc Milton Olive Park where you have a fantastic front on view of John Hancock Center and Lake Shore Drive.
    • JOHN HANCOCK OBSERVATORY AT JOHN HANCOCK CENTER John Hancock Observatory at the top of the John Hancock Center gives you 360 degree views of the Chicago Skyline. As the John Hancock Center is located on Michigan Avenue it has arguably the best view of Chicago as you can look all the way downtown as well as across 4 states Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois. So if capturing the best photos of Chicago is your priority then John Hancock Observatory is a must do
    • WILLIS TOWER As mentioned Willis Tower was once the tallest building in the world with 108 stories. The Sky deck observation level is on the 103rd floor, being that high up you really get the sense of a near helicopter bird’s eye view of Chicago.