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    Lake Eola sits within Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando and it is one of the main attractions in downtown Orlando. Many locals and tourists gather around the lake daily and is a great place to have lunch and relax. The centerpiece of the lake is the Lake Eola Fountain. The landmark fountain offers a theatrical display where its spray builds slowly and increases its height each time until it reaches a climatic high point and repeats which is a great photo opportunity amongst the downtown Orlando skyline. The fountain also changes color at night providing a beautiful light show.

    Another feature in the lake is the Walt Disney Amphitheater which is located on the west side of Lake Eola and is accessible from North Rosalind Ave. The Amphitheater hosts many concerts and special community events throughout the year. On the other side of the Lake is a beautiful Chinese pagoda and there a several historical monuments around the park.

    Another way to take in the lake is you can rent swan-shaped paddle boats or gondola boats to enjoy a fun relaxing ride across the lake and get a close up of the Lake Eola fountain. Also on the water are live white and black swans and there are other birds as well in the park.

    Overall Lake Eola is a must see if you’re in downtown Orlando and if you’re after a break from the bustle of the theme parks across town then a relaxing visit to downtown Orlando and Lake Eola is a good option.